What Is The Most Expensive Car In The World? Name Your Choice!

The answer to the simple question of what is the most expensive car in the world is more complex than you might think. If you do a search today for this question you will find many auto magazines and online web pages stating the world’s most expensive car as the Bugatti Veyron Super Sports ($2,400,000), while a few newer reports will name the Lamborghini Veneno ($3,900,000).bugatti veyron model car(Image credit: seemorepictures.blogspot.com)

But what will you say if I tell you a 1957 Ferrari 250 Testa Rossa car was sold at a 2011 auction for a whopping $16,390,000? How many Bugatti Veyron’s or Lamborghini Veneno’s can you buy for that price? So like beauty the answer to this question is subjective.

For example, the gold Bugatti Veyron in above photo is the world’s most expensive model car. Called the Bugatti Veyron Diamond it was on sale in 2012 for more than 3 million dollars  – twice as much as the real thing! So where do we draw the line?

As I see it, 4 different cars can each claim to be the most expensive car in the world. They will be the world’s most expensive car based on your point of view. The different point of views are:

World’s Largest Plasma TV: Massive Panasonic 152 Inch TV with Full HD

Ever wondered what is the biggest plasma TV available? This massive Panasonic 152 inch TV is the world’s largest plasma TV. It is 12 feet wide and 7 feet tall. That is it is equivalent to nine 50-inch TV screens!biggest plasma tvThe TVs display is almost the size of screens you get in a movie theater. Its picture resolution is a equally stunning 4,096 by 2,160 pixels. That is four times the resolution of a standard high-definition TV set.

According to Panasonic, it lets you show even large objects and products with life-size views that are so real, you feel like you are looking at the actual thing. In fact, the TV’s resolution is better than most broadcasts.

The weight of this set is equally impressive. It weighs a whopping 1,272 pounds. That’s more than half a ton!

Official name of it is Panasonic 152″ VIERA Plasma HDTV. As its size and price would suggest, this is one television that was made for commercial use and not for home use. The price of the TV is a dazzling $500,000 dollars!

Largest Flat Screen TV In The World: 201-Inch Porsche LED Television

Here is a look at the largest flat screen TV in the world. The biggest flat screen TV in the world today is the below 201-inch LED flat screen television called the C SEED 201. This TV’s display screen is over 16 feet wide and it stands over 15 feet tall with its TV stand making it also the world’s largest TV. It is so big it simply won’t fit into even the biggest of living rooms.largest flat screen tv

It is 49-inches or 4 feet larger than the previous biggest TV in the world. This Porsche designed 201-inch TV was unveiled to the public in January 2013. It is designed by the German Porsche car manufacturer’s Porsche Design Studio and built by a Austrian technology firm called C SEED Entertainment Systems.

Previously the world’s largest TV was the 152-inch Panasonic Plasma flat screen television. The 152-inch TV was launched only in 2010 by Japan’s Panasonic Corporation. Here is a photo of that 152-inch Panasonic flat screen. You can get a idea of how big these TVs are compared to the girls standing next to them. It is now the largest plasma TV!panasonic flat screen

It’s Easy To Locate A Cell Phone Position From A Computer (Privacy Concerns)

Although the cell phone locator services  that are used to locate a cell phone position have been really warmly welcomed by the public, people just started noticing a few things that using this technology could imply. Could this be a threat to our everyday privacy? Just like in any other arguments, two sides have different opinions. Parents say that it is more than useful to keep your childrensafe by always knowing where they go and what they do and also that that is their right as parents. It is not surprising that children disagreed, the lack of trust parents show by this being offending for them, not to mention that they don’t really enjoy being spied on.

If only this would stop here. There is a general suspicion that some people in the government would find the cell phone tracker services very useful for keeping track of every citizen in the country so again, spying and privacy invasion are solid arguments. Some would say that this would be possible, but only if these applications would not have any privacy settings, which they do. But what those people miss to see is the multitude of people who really know how to handle all sorts of devices and hacking into them would be a piece of cake. So there is no safety net.

How To Buy A New Mattress By Looking Beyond Mattress Prices & Brand Names

Why Look Beyond Mattress Price & Brands?

Many people look for details about how to buy a new mattress on the Internet when they are going to buy a new mattress. However we have noticed that most guides and reviews focus on reviewing mattress brands and prices. This is wrong. While prices and brand reputation is important we need to look at the bigger picture because in the long run its worth paying more and getting a ideal mattress for your needs than saving some money or having a quality mattress that doesn’t suit the purposes you will use it for. Lets face it folks today we use bedrooms and mattresses not just for sleeping. Many people sit on their beds to watch television, read, work on their computer, and many other things. So when you go mattress shopping there are many things to consider in addition to the price and quality of the brand new mattress you buy.

Most mattresses that are good quality, should last for approximately seven to twenty years. How long it actually lasts depends on the upkeep and maintenance of your mattress. To ensure that your mattress gives you good continuous support, you should flip and turn it at regular intervals. Avoid bending and folding your mattress to make sure that it does not sag too soon.

The Types of Mattresses

There are three different types of mattresses to choose.

Car Seat Travel Lap Trays For Children

car seat trayAre your kids driving you insane because they spill food whenever they are in the car? It is hard enough for adults to eat in a moving vehicle without spilling anything, imagine how hard it must be for your little uncoordinated kids. Something that could help solve the problem is a lap tray. Buy a lap table for children and keep it in the car whenever you take long family outings. Your car’s upholstery will thank you for this one small purchase that helps your kids keep their food on their laps and not on the seat. Lap trays for traveling can be found online at Amazon, E-bay, and even Craigslist. Make it easy for the kids to be good by providing them with a stable and clean surface to eat their snacks and play on your trip.

KGM car lap table

A car lap table can provide a safe, convenient, and organized snacking surface for children and adults alike. The KGM car lap tray allows you to eat comfortably while in the car. A locking mechanism uses your legs to secure the table on your lap so you can use both your hands to eat. It has a 100mm drink holder to minimize spilled liquids. Raised edges make it virtually impossible for food to spill off the tray.

Cheap PS3 Consoles Under 200 And Under 100 For Sale

Unlike for those who are looking for really cheap PS3 consoles under 100 dollars, the good news for those looking for cheap PS3 consoles under 200 they have got several options to select and buy from. I found several cheap Sony Play Station 3 for under 200 and I have list them below, so that you can check them out. The bad news is they are all older PS3 versions and used items. But as they are sold through reputed places like Amazon you get some degree of protection as a consumer and you can return them to the seller if need be.

How To Find Best Place With Cheap PS3 Consoles For Sale

What is the best place with cheap PS3 consoles for sale? All its risks not withstanding the best place available with cheap PS3 consoles for those interested buyers is on Amzon.com website. For where else can you find fifty odd cheap PS3 consoles under 200 for sale couple with consumer protection and refund gurantee?

Online browsing provides you a variety of shops to chose from with just a click away, provides on hand data without having to wait longer and it’s not consuming most of your time unlike visiting local stores.

One of my colleagues in college anticipated in buying Playstation 3 console through visiting local stores. He spent almost two weeks trying to locate the best store selling PS3 console games. If only I knew he was into buying Playstation 3 I could have informed him not to do “door to door” research but instead do his homework online.

Cool Vintage Snapback Hats For Sale

vintage snapback hats

Most people love to practice different types of sports. In the USA one the most popular games is basketball and for very good reasons. The basketball players from NBA come only from the first category. Beside the game, which most of the time is very captivating, the show the players offer is very appreciated. When you intend to go watch a basketball game, you can’t go there with a suit or a classic dress. You certainly need a sport outfit. Also many teenagers, boys and girls prefers these types of NBA outfits complete with a cool vintage snapback hat so they can wear them everyday, no mater where they intend to go.

Garage Storage Ideas And Pictures – Garage Storage Solutions

garage storage systems

Garage rack with drawers next to a mounted bike rack and cabinet

Many people have different garage storage ideas about what is going to work best in their space to allow them to store more household items than they are currently able to do as well as providing them with a nice clean and organized space. If you live in a house without a basement or not much attic space, the garage is really the only other alternative to serve as a source for storage unless you want to throw additional dollars at a shed or for paying a monthly fee for a storage facility.

So here are some garage storage ideas and pictures using which you can get ideas about how to improve and store things in your garage to get more space as well as some ideas and leads to garage storage solutions that are available in the market.

How To Prevent Mold And Mildew In Cupboards, Wardrobes, Closets

For many years I have worked as a mold and mildew removal specialist and in that time I have removed mildew from almost every area in the hands you can imagine.  Under carpets, in basements, in closets and also a bit attics, where ever you can think of.  I’ve cleaned mildew.  It’s not always the most pleasant job ashore, but I’m always happy to take these unpleasant molds out of people’s homes.  As you can imagine, I’m often asked a lot of questions about mildew prevention, and in particular about how to prevent mold and mildew from closets.  Here are a few mold and mildew removal tips that might help you out.

Make The Best Cup of Tea with An Electric Tea Maker Machine

Most people in the world still make tea using a kettle or a tea pot. While this may have been the way for a long time now, there is something wrong. Using a kettle, you simply can’t get the same great taste you really want from your tea even if it is the best Ceylon tea from that far off island called Sri Lanka. The problem is, kettles were invented for boiling water, not making tea. Because of this, if you really want the best cup of tea possible, you need to get one of the modern best tea makers about. The above carousal for examples shows 4 of top electric tea making machines in the market today that are designed and made after thousands of hours of research for making tea specifically.

Electric Tea makers are better then kettle for making tea in every way. First of all, it’s a lot more fun. It often feels like making tea with a tea maker machine is like a small adventure, and can be done in so many different ways. Whether you use a tea bag or tea leaves in your tea maker (I switch is up but generally prefer to use tea leaves) it is fun to watch and make.

Snapback Hats: NBA Snapbacks Offer Retro Colors and 90s Style

nba snapback hat

Snapback hats are still extremely popular along with many other trends from the 90s style such as vintage jerseys worn by NBA teams like the Cleveland Cavaliers and black haircuts worn by several college athletes on the basketball floor. But quality Snapback hats with beautiful designs and logos are extremely hard to find anywhere else except in certain online websites and official NBA affiliate stores. Ofcourse official NBA stores often have the best but they are not always around the corner or have the cheapest snapback hats for sale. So what’s left to us are to find online websites  which offer the best overall variety and designs of all the NBA team logos and colors and agreeable quality products at affordable prices. Aside from highlighting some good stylish retro snapback hats form the 1990s in this article I’ll try to explore some cool features you get with going for NBA Snapbacks of 90s style.

3 Garage Bike Storage Ideas: Options for Storing Bikes in a Garage

I am sure that everybody that owns a garage has vowed at one point or another that they must sort it out so that everything is nicely organised and to hand. The trouble is that garages tend to be cluttered spaces just because of the sorts of thing that they have to store. One of the worst things to keep in a garage are bicycle – their looks are deceptive – they look as though they shouldn’t take up too much space but they always seem to get in the way. If you have any form of outside space that you could put a shed in, I would recommend that you get a shed that is dedicated to your bicycles so that you can free up the space in your garage.

Bedside Touch Lamps – Touch It To Activate It

Why Buy A Bedside Touch Lamp?

Do you want to have a unique kind of lamp that will automatically turn on with a single touch? Do you want a lamp that will turn on even without flipping its switch? Then a touch lamp may be just what you are looking for.

table touch lamp

Most touch lamps are table touch lamps. But there are also wall touch lamps etc.

You can turn a touch lamp on by merely touching it. That is why it is called a touch lamp in the first place. The lamp in its entirety is sensitive to human touch and is thus automatic. Its best application is for nightstand lamps where it can easily be turned on especially in the dark from your bed.

Typical Features Of Touch Lamps

There are touch lamps features that are simply amazing. Some bed side touch lamps have controllable luminescence. This means that you can control the amount of light that your lamp will give according to your needs. For example, with a single tap you can “tell” the lamp to shine one-third of its capacity. A double tap will “tell” the lamp to glow its two-thirds brightness. Furthermore, three taps will “tell” the lamp to shine brightly to its full capacity. With this, your lamp can be used flexibly according to your lighting needs. It can be useful for low-light conditions to full bright conditions.

Cool Mexican Rasta Baja Hoodie Poncho Pullovers

mexican baja hoodie

We have previous talked about cool stylish jackets for men and women but this is a different kind of jacket. Our next consumer product review is about something more southern, the Mexican Baja hoodie pullovers. Here is a article submitted by a guest poster to Consumer Product Reviews. Hope you find it helpful and we invite you to share your thoughts on this subject after reading this in the comments.

Janjaap Ruijssenaars Magnetic Floating Bed

You would have seen plenty of inflatable floating beds that float on water. But have you seen a bed that floats in the air? The magnetic floating bed is such a bed that actually floats in the air. It’s one of the coolest beds in the world – and one of the most expensive.magnetic floating bedShown here are photos of one of the first floating magnetic bed in the world. It’s made using large permanently opposing industrial-strength magnets fixed inside the floating bed and on the ground below it. The opposing magnetic forces make the bed float around 1.3 feet off the floor and held in place by 4 very thin wires. The magnetic power of the beds magnets are permanent and no energy has to be added after installation.

Weatherproof Suncast Outdoor Storage Cabinet With Shelves

Outdoor Storage Cabinet

When you buy an outdoor storage cabinet you don’t want to find it not waterproof enough against showers or warping under the heat of the sun. Sadly that’s exactly what happens with most outdoor storage cabinets available for sale today. That is why when selecting a weatherproof and useful outdoor storage cabinet with shelves my choice rested with the Suncast C3600G Storage Trends® Utility Base Cabinet.

Outdoor Storage CabinetThis is a 3 feet tall, floor-standing utility base cabinet that is well built and weatherproof. It is perfect for storing tools, utensils, paint, cleaning materials, and miscellaneous bits and pieces outdoors. Its can even be used as a deck or patio cabinet. It is stylish enough to be used indoors as well as outdoors. But importantly, built weatherproof, it will keep things dry and holds up excellent in the outdoor even under the rough winter weather.

The exact size of this is, 30″ Wide x 20 1/4″ Depth x 36 3/8″ High. Full-width double doors are fitted, and it is supplied with two adjustable internal shelves. It’s a latching cabinet with doors that lock shut and won’t blow open. Also accepts padlock. It comes in grey, with black handles. The top makes a extra workspace or good counter top in the summer.

Suncast storage cabinetIt is a very strong cabinet and each shelf can hold up to 75lbs. Like other Suncast products this cabinet is also made out of high quality UV-resistant durable resin plastic and is 100% maintenance-free. No painting or preservative is required, and this plastic cabinet is also rot proof and rust proof. Exterior is easy to maintain.

This cabinet comes unassembled, but it is very easy to assemble. Can be put together in 5 minutes with no tools required. Most big box stores don’t have outdoor cabinets that are actually weatherproof, of this size and quality at this price. It’s also an American product from Suncast Corporation, a plastic fabrication company in Batavia, IL 60510 United States.

The price of it is also comparably cheap at around $75-100 (depending on where you buy it from.) I recommend this Suncast outdoor storage cabinet because of its price and what you get.

checkout product

Warning: This C3600G Suncast Storage Trends® cabinet is not indented for storage of flammable or caustic chemicals.

P.S. This is also one of the products I think I can recommend as a good garage storage solution.

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