Writing in Style: The Allure of Having a Small Roll Top Desk

Writing does not come easily to people – not even writers. Sometimes there is that need to seek inspiration and delight especially for creative writers. When thinking about writing, one of the things that often come to mind is a small roll top desk. These types of desks are known to be a writer’s best friend, perhaps for several reasons.

For those who do not know what a roll top desk is, these are the type of desks that were introduced during the 19th century, which in essence serves as a desk but has a lot of compartments within. For most people, the desk looks like an average desk but one that has a cover on top.

This description is actually not too far from the truth since it is still a regular desk, except that it is covered by a tambour. The tambour is made up of wooden slats which slide or roll upwards when the side is raised. This is useful for keeping prying eyes away from work being done, as well as keeping paper from being blown off.

It is true that these types of desks were a mainstay in offices towards the end of the nineteenth century. However, this does not necessarily mean that it is no longer used in present day offices or homes. In fact, some people have used these as a small corner computer table, especially for those who use laptops.

Today, the small roll top office desk is still being made since its functionality is unmatched. In fact, some manufacturers even revised its original design in order for it to be at par with modern advancements. In addition, it is not just the writers and the pencil pushers who use these types of desks. People who have adapted the hobby of scrapbooking can also use this type of desk since it has compartments, storage, and the capability of covering work away from the playful hands of little tykes.

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