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World’s Largest Plasma TV: Massive Panasonic 152 Inch TV with Full HD

Ever wondered what is the biggest plasma TV available? This massive Panasonic 152 inch TV is the world’s largest plasma TV. It is 12 feet wide and 7 feet tall. That is it is equivalent to nine 50-inch TV screens!biggest plasma tvThe TVs display is almost the size of screens you get in a movie theater. Its picture resolution is a equally stunning 4,096 by 2,160 pixels. That is four times the resolution of a standard high-definition TV set.

According to Panasonic, it lets you show even large objects and products with life-size views that are so real, you feel like you are looking at the actual thing. In fact, the TV’s resolution is better than most broadcasts.

The weight of this set is equally impressive. It weighs a whopping 1,272 pounds. That’s more than half a ton!

Official name of it is Panasonic 152″ VIERA Plasma HDTV. As its size and price would suggest, this is one television that was made for commercial use and not for home use. The price of the TV is a dazzling $500,000 dollars!
panasonic 150 inch tv

This giant Panasonic TV was first introduced to the market in 2009. But even before that Panasonic released videos and models at Consumer Shows of this same one depicted as a 150″ inch TV. The finally released TV to the market specified its size as 152-inches. The previously largest TV up-to then was the Panasonic 103 inch TV which was launched in 2006. The below image shows the difference in size of these two 152 inch tv

(In 2013 a Porsche designed a even bigger TV. It was a 201-Inch TV. That one is currently the world’s biggest TV as well as the largest flat screen TV. However Panasonic’s 152-inch TV is still the largest plasma because the 201-inch is a LED TV.)

Moving and installation of the 152-inch TV is also a big problem. According to, one restaurant had to use a forklift to get it inside. However Panasonic is not worried. They market the largest plasma screen as a presentation TV screen and HD display that can be used instead of using large LED display screens or color computer projectors. largest plasma tv

The buyers of this TV so far range from restaurants to office buildings. One set is fixed even in the 39th floor of an office building. Because these TV is sold at super luxury malls like London’s high-end Harrods store, these giant sets are exposed to the crowd who can afford it. So despite its size, price, and special installation requirements, the giant 152-inch TV sales have exceeded even Panasonic’s expectations.

Even if you view this 152 inch huge TV screen from a relatively close distance the 4K2K (4,096 x 2,160 pixels) display resolutions will faithfully show you bright, highly detailed content that fills the entire screen with lifelike images. With a 17:9 TV aspect ratio it even complies with the DCI standard for digital cinema. It is also said to be 3D-capable with the optional IR Transmitter and 3D eyewear (3D content input through HDMI 1.4 only).

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