Window Solar Screens – Solar Screens for Windows

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In an economy where energy costs have skyrocketed, it makes sense to implement energy saving strategies like solar screens for windows that lead to saving money. One simple money-saving move is to install solar screens. Window solar screens are used to cover the outside of windows for the purpose of blocking out heat. When the sun shines on a window, the heat that is generated causes a home to be less energy efficient, because it takes more energy to cool it.

Window solar screens are usually made to cover the entire window and are effective at blocking sun rays. They do the job without obstructing the view from inside of a home or building. From the outside, the screens look dark, but visibility from inside of a house is similar to looking through a regular window. Looking through darker solar shades is like viewing the outside through sunglasses. The darker screens also provide a measure of daytime privacy since those on the outside will find it difficult to see inside. This allows blinds and window treatments to remain open throughout the day.

Typically, solar window screens have been used in areas with warmer climates like Florida, California, Texas and other places where heat can be very uncomfortable during the summer. However, residents of other states are discovering the energy savings that can be realized with solar screens.

It is not necessary to install solar shades on all of the windows in a home. If there are windows that are shaded by trees or eaves, the rooms served by those windows may be cool enough. However, if there are rooms where bright sun beams for several hours; consider installing solar screens to improve cooling. Solar screens for windows allow the light to shine through while comfortable keeping heat outside where it belongs. The screens can also be installed on covered patios and porches to provide shaded sitting areas.

Not only can retractable screens can be used in this situation, but also retractable solar screens for windows are also available. These are excellent when the heat blocking protection is not needed during cold winter days. Retractable type screens can be installed with programmable options that allow the screens to retract and lower at various times during the day.

Solar screens do much more than save energy. They protect the assets inside your home. Draperies, furniture, flooring and accessories will not fade when protected by solar screens. So window solar screens are worth installing if you are looking for a practical way to reduce energy costs.

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