Wearing New Balance Diabetic Shoes At Home

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Do you have diabetes? If so you probably know that one long term complication that many diabetics face are diabetic foot problems such as neuropathy and small artery disease. Out of the house most diabetics know that protecting their feet with proper diabetic shoes is important but it’s just as important around the home.

When diabetics lounge around the home in basic socks or in bare feet their feet are very vulnerable to injuries such as puncture wounds and stubbed toes. They are also prone to getting dirt and grime rubbed into old wounds which can lead to infection. For these reasons wearing good diabetic shoes like the New Balance diabetic shoes at home are almost just as important as wearing them out of the house.

Diabetic neuropathy in feet basically make it so that any small wound in the foot cannot be felt by the person. Most people with normal nerve sensation would easily be able to feel if they stepped on something that punctured the skin on a toe but many diabetics simply cannot feel this happening. That’s why these wounds can grow so easily and be so hard to get rid of.

When walking around out of the house a good pair of diabetic walking shoes can help to protect the feet but in the home a good pair of diabetic slippers or house shoes needs to be purchased and worn at all times. These shoes are usually a bit more expensive than ordinary slippers or socks but the extra protection is well worth it.

You may not be able to do much to alleviate the symptoms of diabetes in the home but so long as you can prevent foot injuries from occurring your will be better able to stay active out of the home which is well known to help with diabetic blood sugar management.

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