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If you have ever thought about taking advantage of Sri Lankan holidays, you have probably pictured yourself loading up your luggage that is full of your favorite warm summer clothing so that you can travel around the tiny Indian island and admire the culture and historic places while sipping a cup of Ceylon tea. The following is a few of the best parts about taking advantage of Sri Lankan holidays.

The beach. The island nation is surrounded by the beautiful warm waters of the Indian ocean. Right round the country you get many different kinds of attractions to enjoy and experience in the countries 65000 kilometers of beach property. This is one of the best places to go to forget about the outside world and the troubles that you have. You can swim all day long if you like and stay in luxurious star class hotels that serve native delicacies.

sri lankan holidays

Photograph of the beautiful beach & Indian ocean from Sri Lanka's tallest building. Pic by Anushka Wijesinha Source: wikimedia commons

The wildlife of Sri Lanka. More than 12% of the country is designated as wildlife and natural reserves by the Government. In most places, wildlife such as elephants, buffalos and others can be seen crossing the roads. Sri Lanka is very lucky to be able to have this beautiful wildlife at their fingertips. The reason for this is because of the conservation society.

Sigiriya Sri Lanka history

Picture of ancient Sigiriya rock fortress and palace ruins by Bernard Gagnon (Source:wikimemdia common)

Beautiful sceneries and ancient towns with ruins. Some very beautiful photographs have been taken in Sri Lanka. Consider bringing along your camera for a breathtaking hike. This is a great way to enjoy your vacation for ever traveling around the countries thousands of historic monuments, temples and the likes.

sri lanka scenery

Breathtaking beautiful scenery of the southern lowlands of Sri Lanka, as seen from the Haputale pass. Pic By Chamal N Source: Wikimedia commons

After you are done visiting the historic sites and enjoying the wildlife, consider taking advantage of the delicious food in Sri Lanka. The world famous Ceylon tea is made in Sri Lanka. There are many different hotels and restaurants for you to enjoy in the area. Sri Lankan chefs are trained to cook a delicious masterpiece for you. There are not many other places in the world that can compare when it comes to Sri Lankan spicy cuisines.

Sri Lankan holidays are simply wonderful. You can easily take advantage of the friendly people who will guide you wherever you need to go and take care of you. You can relax as much as you want and come home feeling wonderful. What are you waiting for? Pack your luggage and get going.

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