Using Wireless Driveway Alarm System For Home Security

Wireless driveway alarm systems are typically used at businesses, and many of us have seen them at locally owned gas stations and drive troughs. However, what many people don’t know, is that a wireless driveway monitoring system can be used at their own homes as part of their residential security system. Below are a few different types of driveway monitors and alarms that can be used at home.

One type of driveway monitor is the magnetometer. This driveway alarm will only alert you when someone has driven a car past its sensors. Because it is based on magnetic technology it will only detect large metal objects and will not pick up on other movements. This is one of the drawbacks to this type of alarm. There are both wired and wireless driveway alarm systems of this kind but the wireless one is better especially if the driveway is long and you have to have the cable laid for long distances in wired alarm systems.

Another type is the pneumatic alarm. This type of alarm can only be set off by someone or something over a certain weight limit depressing the alarm. It can be used to detect both cars and humans, but will not be falsely set off by small animals because they do not surpass the weight limit. This can be a good option for use at home as a residential security system.

Another type of alarm is a wireless motion detector. This type of driveway monitor can be used to actually cover more than just your driveway entrance to your property. You can essentially use it to protect your entryways and walkways, or even your entire yard if needed. This can be good if you have small children & will alert you when someone enters the yard without permission.

A driveway alarm system can help you better protect your home from property crimes and home invasion. It can alert you of trespassers before they are able to gain entry into your home, and can be your first level of awareness and first line of defense against intruders and trespassers. Use this home security product and others to help you better secure you property.

These driveway alarm systems are avialable in both wired and wireless driveway alarm systems. However the wireless alarms are more convenient and advantages in the long run for you.

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