Types Of Grow Lights for Indoor Plants & Seedlings

Seedlings and plants depend upon sunshine for their growth and they require sunshine for about 12 to 15 hours per day for better health. In most of the homes it is not easy to get that much quality lighting. Specially if you are not fortunate enough to live in a sunny tropical climate you may need grow lights for indoor plants and seedlings in your home.

Various types of grow lights are available in the market, each with a different mechanism and some of them are better suited for raising seedlings. You have to provide them the right environment, if you wish to fill your garden each spring with young plants.

It is a great idea to have a T5 grow light for seedlings and have it suspended a couple of inches above them. They produce less heat and are energy efficient. Light is emitted in the white spectrum by these bulbs. The low price is the advantage of this piece but the demerit is the need for one per flat of growing seedlings.

Rays are emitted in the violet blue spectrum by the Metal halide lights. This looks like the natural springtime sun. This stimulates the growth of new plants. As the bulb is hot and one lamp is sufficient to heat one room, you have to keep the bulb away from the plants.

High pressure sodium lights offer most of the same benefits like the metal halide variety such as heat. They mimic the natural sunlight late in the season as their light falls in the orange red spectrum. A 400 watt bulb is enough for a small area but for large greenhouse, you may require a 1000 watt bulb for sufficient coverage.

LED grow lighting work for sufficient growth in most cycles of the plant’s life and are the most energy efficient grow lights. You need to place them about 11 inches from the plants. You will have to buy more of them if you have large number of plants. They do not produce much heat.

The choice of the grow lights depends upon what you are trying to accomplish. Whether just wintering over your plants, encouraging active bloom production or starting seedlings, you surely need a natural type of light to have enhanced performance. It is recommended to buy a timer so that the light and dark can be simulated at appropriate intervals.

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