Tips For Buying and Owning A Pistol And Handgun Safe

Why Do You Need To Buy A Safe For Pistols And Guns?

The first step in keeping your handguns secure is to get a pistol safe which will be a responsible and long term gun storage solution than a traditional wood gun cabinet or similar not so serviceable remedy. You want to keep your handguns safe from thieves, children, and even a fire.  Even as important as simply owning a safe is, safe placement is very important. You want to have your handgun safe within reach, so that you can get to it fast if someone breaks into your home in the middle of the night. You do not want to have to worry about a large gun safe far away from your room or a heavy safe sitting on your upper floors. You need to  think about where to put your gun safe.

Where To Place Your Gun Safe?

You might want to think about the closet. You can consider upgrading your closet at the same time. Replace your closet door with a dependable solid oak or even steel door. Then put a deadbolt on it. It will slow down anyone from getting to your safe.  Putting a safe against a wall and in a corner can protect a safe from many forceful attacks and crowbars. A criminal might think twice before messing with it.

Trick Burglars With A Cheap Gun Safe

Try tricking burglars too. Buy a cheap gun safe and putting some junker guns in it. A criminal will think that is all that you have. You can also put a cardboard box over your good safe and put a label on it that says something like shoes. Put a smoke detector over your safe, so that if a criminal uses a torch or some sort of cutting tool that the smoke detector will go off. Criminals do not like loud noises.

Secure Your Safe To Wall Or Floor

No matter where you place the safe, all safes (large and small) should be secured to the floor or wall to prevent a thief from simply carrying it off.  Before you start drilling be sure and read the owner’s manual of the safe. You want your safe to be anchored in place with sturdy and quality fasteners. If you can, then mount to the bottom and back of the safe into a good solid surface like concrete.  Talk to a professional at your local hardware store to find the best bolts that you will need to mount your safe.

When you mount into concrete then keep a few things in mind. Use a hammer drill and vacuum out the holes. Use Red-head concrete anchors with epoxy. Then hammer in the bolts. Let the epoxy set up overnight, then you can be confident that your safe is not going anywhere.  For wood installation, use large lag bolts. Wood is not as good a choice as concrete, it can be cracked simply. If you do use this option, then get a tile drill bit and drill through the thinset. Then anchor using wood or concrete anchors.  Visit for more information.

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