The Pep Boys Brand Go Kart

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Pep Boys is always associated with a leading company that sells, maintains, and repairs automobiles in America. Today, it has 600 stores and 6000 service centers located all over North America. Because the company is so popular, one of its ways to promote their brand was sponsoring Sterling Marlin as he competed in the NASCAR racing circuit. It was a good way to bring their name to the international level as well as increase its brand awareness campaign to the next level.

This is what has always been associated with Pep Boys. But they have actually ventured into related products offering a Go Kart known as Pep Boys Go Karts. There was not much problem in pushing their go kart products into the market as they have made a name in the industry of servicing automobiles. Their challenge was proving to the market that their karts are good enough with the right price.

Manufacturing their own line of go carts is not really far from the original business they are engaged in. In fact it has been to their advantage because they already have knowledge in car maintenance. What they did of course was to research if the product is really feasible in terms of market and feasible in terms of their capability and resources. In the release of their first line of go karts called Baja go karts, people noticed that Pep Boys are targeting a different market segment. Their karts are a lot cheaper with having almost the same specifications of other expensive brands. They wanted to make a statement that Pep Boys go karts can be made affordable for everyone and they have done it quite really well.

What is great about this brand is that you won’t have to worry about finding spare parts as they manufacture parts themselves as well. It was a brilliant business plan for them! And if repairs or replacement is needed within the warranty period, you will not have to wait for days for replacements to be obtained. And even if it is beyond warranty, parts are sold at a cheaper price. You do not have to have lots and lots of money to finance a hobby

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