Solved: WordPress Website Display White Screen On Browser

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You would have heard about the famous Windows Blue Screen of Death (BSoD).  I discovered you have a White Screen Of Death in websites too. This happens specially wordpress content management system websites. Today my friend who is blogging at BIT Online told me his Islam website, Info Muslim dot Com which was perfectly running yesterday suddenly displayed just a blank white screen with nothing else when you type the website URL (or any URL in that website like a post url or page url).

Here is a browser screen shot of the WordPress White Screen of Death error I got in my Firefox browser for the home URL.

wordpress white screen of death

what wordpress white screen of death looks like!

We tried various things and setting changes nothing worked. I even tried deleting the wordpress theme in the web sever (throught the Bluehost CPanel) because this wordpress trick has worked for me in something similar cases before this. But nothing doing still got the white screen on the broswer.

It’s wonderful how sharing errors and issues on the Internet helps others long after you have posted it. I found several useful posts in the wordpress forums regarding this and tried out their solutions and tips. One of them was to rename login to your hosts account and rename your wordpress plugin directory. Since my friend had installed many plugins and tried out with his website I renamed the wordpress plugin directory folder in wordpress installation following. Alhadulliallah this solved the issue. Now the Website is loading perfectly. But my friend will have to reinstall all the plugins since I think this error was caused by some change or too much testing with plugins.

wordpress website error

I hope this helps someone who is having this same wordpress white screen error issue. Drop me a comment if you have any questions.

By the way, here is a screen shot from wikipedia of the famous Microsoft Windows Bluescreen of Death. I hear one of this screens appeared in a new launching ceremony of a new ms software and worst yet it was when Bill Gates was on stage launching it to thunderous applause from spectators! ouch Bill!

windows vista blue screen

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