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Recently I’ve been writing a lot on Aksam Sri Lanka about wordpress content management system. This is because I’m doing a lot of work and tweaking these days to my websites that run on the wordpress software.

Google custom search is much better than the inbuilt search in wordpress. Plus with the advertisements displayed in Google Custom search results you can earn money by encouraging people to search the Internet from within your blog. If they don’t like the search results or if they see a advertisement in the Google custom search results then you they will likely click it than leave your site altogether. So integrating Google Custom search together with Google Adsense ads into your wordpress blog is a win win senario.

But how do you configure Google custom search so that it shows search results with out the visitor leaving the website to a result page that resemble a google page? Is there a way to show Google custom search results within my wordpress blog or website like the inbuild wordpress default search results show?

Today I configured my Ford trucks website which is built on wordpress software to show Google custom search result within the site so that visitors don’t have to leave the Ford truck website to search. Instead they can search anything using the Google search and the results will be displayed as shown in the screen shot of Ford trucks websites below.

wordpress google custom search

The Google Custom Search Result displayed within the wordpress site. For all intents the visitor visitor is still within my wordpress website until he clicks a Adsense ad or leave the site

This is how the wordpress integrated Google custom search results are shown if you search using the Google custom search feature I’ve now added to my Old Ford trucks website.

google custom search

Google Adsense custom search in New Old Ford Trucks website

The above Google Custom search results were for the term I typed “old ford trucks” into the Google custom search box and the first screen shot is the result page I got for that term.

If you want to integrate Google Custom Search like I have done here and show the search results within your own wordpress site like above then follow the intruction in this link – Remove Sidebar & Add Google AdSense Search within your WordPress Blog at


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