Red Hot Emerson Microwave Oven Review

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Our expert test group (my wife, my kids and myself!) can almost assure you that this amazing Emerson microwave oven will most likely end up being a real attention catcher in your kitchen space. Despite the fact a good number of its competitors are typically wrapped in a fashionable stainless steel casing, this unique product was in fact kept in bright red. Which we like, of course!

However let’s do not get hooked up on the good looks, because after all there are generally far more critical considerations which matter when it comes to micro waves.

The subsequent short article should give you a brief summary connected with our own test results related to the Emerson MW8999RD microwave oven. In the below microwave oven review we will definitely speak about overall performance in addition to usability, as well as some other options in case you feel that this unit doesn’t meet your particular needs.

But first, let’s start with a ‘negative’ if you will. There’s simply no need to beat around the bush. This particular model is constrained, considering that it only gives you 0.9 cubic feet of loading capability coupled with nine hundred Watt of power. Which makes this a typical small size micro-wave oven and for that very reason not a favorite choice for consumers that ‘must have’ a product which offers enough efficiency to do food preparation at a bigger scale. Yet and to be fair, overall and it did do an okay job in the tasks which it is supposed to do, including warming up meals, drinks and also defrosting frozen items at times.

This specific oven supplies all of the essential features that can be expected from a cutting edge consumer product – not more and not less. It is available with a cooking light, removable turn table, digital cooking timer and clock, eight traditional cooking programs as well as a special setting for defrosting. The MWM8999RD is actually incredibly streamlined and that is perfect in the event you only have limited space in the kitchen area.

This particular counter top microwave model is also fairly light with just 30 pounds. Further to that and as outlined earlier, it has been designed with an extremely compact casing measuring 11.3 x 20.0 x 16.1”. What all of us really appreciated in the MW8999RD is the incredibly easy-to-use soft touch keypad which does not resemble the cockpit of the 747 (thankfully!) – all the buttons are easily readable and understandable. Further to that, it comes with an extremely handy pull open handle.

So with all of that said – should you shop for this kind of oven? It depends. Do you really like red microwaves and are you simply looking to own a countertop microwave oven to heat up your left-overs, a mug of tea and at times need to defrost a frozen product? In case you answer those questions with yes, then go for it. Here is some good news for you.

Should your spending budget lets you invest a little bit more and if your heart is not set on a red oven, then we might suggest highly that you look in to our Cuisinart CMW 100 microwave review. This specific model is just as compact and sleek as the Emerson, however features a bit more power and cooking volume (1000 Watt and 1.0 cubic foot).

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