Points to Remember when Steaming Quinoa

Quinoa is a relatively new health food and ingredient that is being introduced today. It is usually mistaken as a grain because of its appearance and texture that is why it is commonly used as a cereal or grain replacement. However, quinoa is actually a seed from the spinach family. Many people have started to try this newest food idea to create healthy meals. But, before preparing it, there are certain points to remember. Here are the most important ones.

The Quinoa nutritional value makes it a good food to add to your breakfast and lunch. Quinoa is also easy to prepare. The basic way of cooking it is by steaming. Similar to rice, it can be cooked using a rice cooker or a food steamer. This manner of preparing quinoa makes it more convenient and healthier compared to other ways of cooking.

Before steaming quinoa, there are certain steps to follow. The first step is to prepare the ingredients needed for the quinoa. The basic ingredient is water. Other things you can prepare are the seasonings that you want to add once quinoa has been steamed. After the preparation of ingredients, rinse the quinoa seeds thoroughly under running water using a strainer. This helps in removing the phytic acid content of quinoa. This acid has to be removed because it leaves an after taste when quinoa is cooked. Do this for at least three minutes. When the seeds have been fully washed, put water in the base of the steamer and the seeds in the steamer’s basket. Then, cover the steamer and set its cooking time. Once the quinoa seeds are cooked, the steamer will automatically turn off. After cooking, let quinoa stay inside the steamer for a few minutes for a fluffier texture.

When all the steps are done, you can now serve quinoa. It is usually eaten like rice to accompany vegetables and meats. There are also other dishes that can be prepared using quinoa

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