Photos Of Beautiful Evening Rainbow Over Dehiwala Town

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Last week about 6 pm I stepped out of my boarding room to go for Mahrib evening prayers. Just then I looked at the sky and saw a full rainbow right over Dehiwala town.  The sun was just about to set in the western sky and it was a bit cloudy but there was bit of sunshine too. I immediately took out my phone and took as much photos of the rainbow as I could at that time. I’m posting them here after resizing them. They were taken using the 3.2 mega pixel camera in Sony Ericsson k770i mobile phone. As you can see in the bottom right corner of these photos this happened on the 22nd of September 2010 around 6 p.m. I don’t know how long a rainbow is suppose to last but this rainbow was visible for quite a long time. I think I saw it maybe for about 10 minutes or so till I walked from my boarding place to the Dehiwala mosque, about 5-10 minute walk.

How fortunate we are today to have these new products like phones with cameras in our pockets so that we can capture anything on film and not miss great opportunities like this rainbow.

rainbow photo srilanka

rainbow photo Dehiwala Srilanka. Coconut trees and other trees and power lines in the foreground.

evening sky rainbow

evening sky rainbow above our boarding house rooftop. street lights just turned on.

big rainbow picture

big rainbow picture against eastern sky of Dehiwala Town of Sri Lanka

beautiful rainbow sky

south side of this beautiful rainbow against evening sky

dehiwala town rainbow

North Eastern side of the rainbow as seen from Dehiwala town

It’s ironic that I’m posting this pictures of a evening rainbow scene here. Do you know my name, Aksam means ‘Evening‘ in Turkish language? So you can say I have posted a Aksam rainbow photos here. 🙂

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