Finding The Ideal Travel Pillow: A Buying Guide

The key priority when looking for a travel pillow is to find a design that will allow you to fall asleep quickly even if you are in an uncomfortable seat that doesn’t recline very much.  You can read some travel pillow reviews and check out some of the claims made by travel pillow manufactures and you’ll find numerous models that are designed to do exactly that.  But let’s do some more digging into what you should be on the lookout for.

You’ll find that there are a three main materials used for travel pillows: micro-beads, memory foam and buckwheat hulls. Then there’s the separate category of the inflatable or blow up travel pillows.   Choosing the right pillow is often a trade-off between ergonomic support and level of portability. If you end up with an inflatable model, for example, it’s going to be a lot less bulkier and lighter in weight than a memory foam, but typically won’t provide as much support for your head and neck?

Variously called, U shape, C shaped or horseshoe shape, the travel pillows that are worn behind the head and wrap around each side of the neck are still the most common.  But while they remain popular, there are some other styles that are worth exploring.

Take the TravelRest pillow for example, it offers a viable alternative to the conventional horseshoe shape.  Rather than being worn behind the head, it is placed across the torso and is designed specifically to allow sideways sleeping. The only real negative is that it takes a bit of time to change from side to side.  Then, for travelers interested in a memory foam neck pillow, but who are concerned about bulk and weight, the Miracle Neck Rest pillow is worth exploring.  It’s small size makes it far less cumbersome and more lightweight than most orthopedic memory foam pillows.

So take your time to review all your options before making a final purchasing decision.

Large Toy Wrecker Tow Truck: A Made In USA Toy By Matchbox


Update: The Large Matchbox Toy truck is no longer in the market. So we recommend you checkout the equally large and interesting Tonka toy tow truck which has also got lights and sounds.. The Bruder MAN TGA tow truck is also a very good toy tow truck but it is more expensive than the Tonka or Matchbox tow trucks.

Here is a large toy wrecker tow truck for sale that is a made in USA toy by MatchBox toys. It’s a quite large truck more than a foot in length. The wrecker toy measures 13 inches long by 5 inches width and 8 inches tall and has a listed selling price for one tow toy wrecker at US $25.

toy tow truckThis wrecker truck toy is part of Matchbox Real Action Trucks series. They are known to be tough assortment of Matchbox toy trucks that totally lives up to its name. The other MatchBox Real Action trucks in the series include many that may also interest you and worth checking out like the rescue vehicle, fire engine and crane toys.

InStep Bike Trailer Review: Excellent Features at a Low Price

bicycle trailer instep

The engineers who design the InStep Bike Trailer line are all about quality, and InStep is all about selling that quality at an affordable and reasonable price. While there are many, many toddler bike trailer brands and designs to choose from, there aren’t any that provide the quality and safety features that InStep bike trailers have at such a low price point.

bicycle trailer instep

InStep Quick N EZ Bicycle Trailer 

Of course, the InStep line of bike trailers are meant to be brought on more of recreational rides rather than an athletic ones. If daily, 20-mile-bike-rides are your thing, then perhaps you should look into a much higher priced bike trailer. With that said, if leisurely daily rides or errand running or even a ride for a day at the beach are more appropriate for your lifestyle, then look no further than the InStep bike trailer.

With features such as 5-point safety harnesses, double canopies that offer mesh lining to allow a cool breeze in as well as vinyl weatherproofing to prevent rain from getting in and easy to detach wheels for quick fold up and storage, InStep has thought of everything. Speaking of wheels, they’re made to give you and your little ones a smooth, easy ride. As a matter of fact, the ride can be so smooth that when riding on a flat surface, you just might find yourself looking back to make sure the trailer is still attached!

instep bike trailer

InStep Rocket Aluminum Bicycle Trailer 

Some InStep bike trailer models also feature an included stroller conversion kit. This kit allows the trailer to become a stroller in under a minute! For those models that don’t include the kit, it can be purchased separately. Another accessory that can be purchased separately is an additional coupler (one is included with the trailer.) This coupler easily attaches to most bikes so that both mom and dad can have their bicycles ready to tow at all times.

The InStep bike trailer holds up to 100 pounds. The double seat models like the Instep trailblazer double bicycle trailer come equipped with a third, middle 5-point safety harness for when only one child is coming along for the ride. There’s extra storage behind the seats for items such as backpacks, books, lunches, groceries or anything else you may want to tote along with you.

InStep has thought of everything and has incorporated it all into a great product at a great price.


British S29 Vanguard Class SSBN Submarine Model

british submarine model

The Royal Navy of Great Britain’s ballistic missile submarines, also called Ship Submersible Ballistic Nuclear – SSBN, belong under the Vanguard category of submarines. The British S29 Vanguard category of submarines is highly equipped with as much as 16 Trident II Submarine-launched ballistic missiles or SLBMs. These particular subs have been under the United Kingdom’s Trident Nuclear Weapons Programme of 1994. Vickers Shipbuilding and Engineering Limited were the brains behind these power subs and built them between the periods of 1986 and 1999.

Submarines falling under the Ohio category of the American subs were the basis for the lay-out of the Vanguard category of submarines, however the Vanguards carried a lesser number of missiles as compared to the 24 of the American subs.

british submarine modelThe Vanguard submarines are among the biggest, competing in size with those of the Ohio subs of the Americans and the Typhoon subs of the Russians, and were designed to carry Trident D-5 missiles. This particular class SSBN Submarine sub also carries the Spearfish Heavyweight torpedo in its 4 21-inch torpedo tubes. These types of torpedoes possess excellent range, allowing the sub to hit enemy ships up to 65 kilometers away. The Vanguard subs came with pressurized water reactors or the PWR2 which places them in a category above all other subs since it is one of the latest reactors to be invented during that time and which also makes the Vanguard to be an efficient fuel-saver, allowing it to circle the globe 40 times without refueling.

Bronco Models have launched a superbly designed plastic model of the actual S29 Vanguard submarine for model enthusiasts, as well as submarine fanatics. The design that they have produced that is in a scale of 1:350, and would look superb once placed on its elegant spruce tree stand. It is highly recommended that these submarine models are only for children aged 10 years and above because it contains small parts and therefore could be swallowed. Assembly of this design would require glue and paint that are not included in the package.

The British S29 Vanguard Class SSBN submarine model is an excellent add-on to your collection of miniature boats and submarines because it represents the actual peak of naval architecture and combat. Having a piece would surely qualify you as a serious hobbyist.

750e And 750i Logitech Outdoor Video Security Camera Systems

logitech security cameras

New innovations and advancements are part and parcel of consumer electronics today. There seems to be no limit to creativity when it comes to the spirit behind many proverbial technologies. Especially, in video security camera systems there has been many innovative introductions recently. In this regards, Logitech is one of the most prominent brand names in this industry. In recent times they have offered many varieties of security cameras and increased the buying options for consumers.

security camera video shot

sample Logitech 750 security camera video shot of a outdoor home front premises

For instance we can site the Logitech 750e and 750i Outdoor Master security system package. This two products have improved weather resistances and much better suited for outdoor installation. Their cameras offer 720p video and include motion detecting ability with the use of advanced computer software that comes with it. The user can customize the fields where he or she requires inspection on a perpetual basis. In current times where security and safety is gaining so much momentum this is a very beneficial feature to have in these kind of surveillance related consumer products.

logitech security cameras

750e Logitech Outdoor Security Camera System with Night Vision 

The Logitech outdoor cameras now come with a microSD memory chip with 2 GB storage capacity. So the camera need not be connected to a video screen continuously and monitored by someone. This storage capacity allows the cameras to act independently if necessary and to record up to 1 week worth of video footage. A desktop or laptop computer can be used at anytime to run the Logitech Alert Commander software which will empty the recording from the camera’s microSD chip and allow you to use it again for new coverage. Be it product features or design the brand has a lot to offer to its consumers.

The prices of Logitech security cameras vary.  If you want to view the camera footage from somewhere else then there is an additional charge of eighty dollars for the additional gadgets and software. Whichever device you buy as a leader in the security camera industry and with a reputation for making good quality and reliable products you can depend on them to ensure it gives sound return for your investment with enhance security in your premises.


Home Flooring Options: American Walnut Wood Plank Flooring

In the plethora of building and home flooring options available today, one type of flooring system that has constantly been highly regarded by ordinary people as well as professional engineers and home interior decorating experts alike as one of the most practical, durable and the most beautiful types of home flooring solutions that the flooring industry has to offer.

American Walnut floor If you are really serious about investing in American walnut flooring, cherry flooring, oak flooring or some other type of wood plank flooring installation, then you should be well-aware of just exactly what you are getting into in order to ensure that you do not end up regretting your purchase.

First of all, let us take a look back at wood plank floors in general. Wood plank flooring systems have been in use since the middle-ages. They became highly popular back in the 20th century although their popularity has began to slowly fade away with the advent of new and cheaper synthetic flooring materials such as tile and vinyl. This is especially true since wood plank flooring is quite a bit more expensive compared to synthetic materials nowadays. However, wood plank flooring systems have remained competitive in the market mostly because by itself, wood plank floors is still one of the most efficient types of building and home flooring solutions that the flooring industry has to offer.

There are some caveats about wood plan flooring, however and one of these is that wooden floors are quite prone to damage and gradual degradation with regular exposure to moisture and humidity. Another problem with wood plank floors is that they are quite prone to scratches, thus, it is not a good idea to move heavy furniture around the wooden floor. If you must do so, you should always make sure that you place a buffer underneath the sharp edges of the furniture to be moved in order to avoid damage to your floor.

Image Credit: Flickr

Red Hot MW8999RD Emerson Microwave Oven Review

Our expert test group (my wife, my kids and myself!) can almost assure you that this amazing Emerson microwave oven will most likely end up being a real attention catcher in your kitchen space. Despite the fact a good number of its competitors are typically wrapped in a fashionable stainless steel casing, this unique product was in fact kept in bright red. Which we like, of course!

However let’s do not get hooked up on the good looks, because after all there are generally far more critical considerations which matter when it comes to micro waves.


The subsequent short article should give you a brief summary connected with our own test results related to the Emerson MW8999RD microwave oven. In the below microwave oven review we will definitely speak about overall performance in addition to usability, as well as some other options in case you feel that this unit doesn’t meet your particular needs.

But first, let’s start with a ‘negative’ if you will. There’s simply no need to beat around the bush. This particular model is constrained, considering that it only gives you 0.9 cubic feet of loading capability coupled with nine hundred Watt of power. Which makes this a typical small size micro-wave oven and for that very reason not a favorite choice for consumers that ‘must have’ a product which offers enough efficiency to do food preparation at a bigger scale. Yet and to be fair, overall and it did do an okay job in the tasks which it is supposed to do, including warming up meals, drinks and also defrosting frozen items at times.

This specific oven supplies all of the essential features that can be expected from a cutting edge consumer product – not more and not less. It is available with a cooking light, removable turn table, digital cooking timer and clock, eight traditional cooking programs as well as a special setting for defrosting. The MWM8999RD is actually incredibly streamlined and that is perfect in the event you only have limited space in the kitchen area.

This particular counter top microwave model is also fairly light with just 30 pounds. Further to that and as outlined earlier, it has been designed with an extremely compact casing measuring 11.3 x 20.0 x 16.1”. What all of us really appreciated in the MW8999RD is the incredibly easy-to-use soft touch keypad which does not resemble the cockpit of the 747 (thankfully!) – all the buttons are easily readable and understandable. Further to that, it comes with an extremely handy pull open handle.

So with all of that said – should you shop for this kind of oven? It depends. Do you really like red microwaves and are you simply looking to own a countertop microwave oven to heat up your left-overs, a mug of tea and at times need to defrost a frozen product? In case you answer those questions with yes, then go for it. Here is some good news for you. The product can be purchased for $60 which is not bad at all!

Should your spending budget lets you invest a little bit more and if your heart is not set on a red oven, then we might suggest highly that you look in to our Cuisinart CMW 100 microwave review. This specific model is just as compact and sleek as the Emerson, however features a bit more power and cooking volume (1000 Watt and 1.0 cubic foot).

Finding Right Closet Organizer Brand From Rubbermaid To ClosetMaid

There are a lot of closet organizer companies these days claiming to have the products you need to solve your closet crisis. When you respond to their advertisements, you end up being disappointed because (1) they may have the perfect solution but it costs more than your monthly pay or (2) they don’t really have what you need but would like to sell you something that failed to keep your closet organized in the past anyway. It can be really frustrating looking for a company that can provide you with the right organizing solutions that you badly need.

Before responding to ads, however, be sure that you know what you are looking for. Are you looking for a new closet? Do you need additional drawers? Do you want to install new rods? Would additional shelves be the solution to expanding storage space? Do you need shoe organizers? After assessing the contents of your closet and finding out what you really need, then you start reading the advertisements. Be sure to look for companies that specify what they have so you would more or less have an idea of what you can get from them.

Some closet organizers specialize in add-ons, closet designs, etc. Some companies offer everything from closet add-on products, to designs to the entire closet. If your need is various, you might want to contact them that offer you more than just specialized products. However, try to focus on buying only what you need and keep from browsing through other products so your not tempted to buy something you don’t have a need for. If they offer consulting services, try to consult with them the best way to handle your storage organizing dilemma.

Brands like Rubbermaid and ClosetMaid offer excellent products for your closet at very reasonable prices. The best part is you can install them yourself so you can save the installation charge which is usually hefty. Rubbermaid closet organizers are one of the biggest selling closet systems in America. They offer storage solutions for every kind of closet including bedroom, bathroom and linen. Wire storage systems as well as cube storage is their forte and through the use of their interactive site you can actually build your own system.

Best HD Projector Types – DLP Projector Vs LCD Projector

If you are looking for an HD projector to use for you home theater system then only two types of choice would come into mind. One is the DLP projector and the other is the LCD projector. Both of these have their own strengths. Before buying the best HD projector you must know first some of the features between these two types.

DLP Projector
A projector using DLP technology is considered as a modern device. Experts are predicting that DLP will be the future of projectors. A DLP projector uses a special semiconductor called a Digital Micromirror Device (DMD) that is used in processing the colors to be projected. 3D Projector models using this technology are best known for delivering full HD 1080p resolutions. Picture quality is also the best available since the chip used can accurately reproduce any color from the source.

One reason why this HD projector type is popular in home theaters is that it can easily handle fast action scenes due to the fast response time of the DLP chip. The only drawback to this type of projector is that it usually costs more than other projector types. The extra price you pay is however put to good use with the excellent features it provides you.

LCD Projector
If you are on a budget then getting an LCD projector would make an excellent choice. This type of projector costs cheaper than the DLP models yet offer superb performance. This type of projector uses three separate LCD panels to process the images to be shown. This type of projector tends to produce a brighter and sharper image output. The only drawback in using this type of projector is that during fast action sequences the images tend to get pixilated.

When buying an HD projector always consider the technology involved in creating the model of your choice. In a home theater setup where picture quality is a priority it is highly recommended to get a DLP projector. If budget is a concern then choose a high quality LCD projector.

Other important factors to consider in choosing an HD projector are the lumens output, resolution and contrast ratio.

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The Benefit of Black Chandeliers

A chandelier is very common nowadays. They are one of the most sophisticated lighting highlights that you can add to your home. In this regard, finding the perfect chandelier accessory will bring an air of uniqueness and beauty to your living space. Thus, a black chandelier is definitely worth considering.

While chandeliers are available in various colors, styles and designs, black still prevails. This is very common to many homeowners. This is mainly due to its timeless appeal and classic style that never goes out of fashion. The chandelier creates great places. By choosing the right lighting accent, you can invite people to your current location. It’s appropriate to choose a lighting device that is black. Of course, it will pave the way for the radical part of the driveway lighting.

A common reason why people get black chandeliers is to bring class and elegance to the room. They are usually placed in the foyer and living room for guests to be charmed by its elegant appearance. You can buy a decorative black chandelier and put it in the corridor to improve the area. Meanwhile, black wrought iron chandelier is perfect for the entrance of a dining room because it can produce a romantic atmosphere. Knowing where to put the chandelier will help you get the mood that you want to achieve for that room.

Generally speaking, black lights are already regarded as a work of art. They do not only significantly improve the visual appeal of your home, but they also introduce a touch of complexity. In addition, they are certainly a good investment as it will always be part of the current trend. So invest in a black chandelier to make your house more elegant and fun to look at! The most popular is a wrought iron chandelier. It can be the most surprising aspect of your house.

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