Sea Gypsies in Thailand: The Thai Moken People of Andaman & Gulf of Siam

There are about 3,000 sea gypsies in the South East Asia. The majority of them are living along the Andaman coast in Thai waters and a few are on the other side of Thailand in the Gulf of Siam. They are a fascinating group of semi-nomadic people that are tolerated in Thailand. Recently, they have changed their isolationist tendency and it is possible to see the sea gypsies in Thailand.

The sea gypsies refer to themselves as the Moken. Three centuries ago a tribe fled political unrest in Indonesia. They developed a nomadic life, living on boats and spending limited time on shore to trade and supplement their diet with a small amount of agriculture. The Moken speak their own dialect and have their own culture, festivals and religious beliefs.

They were useful to the Thai authorities during the period of British colonization in the area. The Thais encouraged the ‘chao le’ (sea people) to settle in Koh Lipe and Koh Adang to strengthen their territorial claims to the region and stop the British annexing the islands into the British Empire.

Once they served their purpose the Moken were betrayed as the Thais set up Turatao National Park and made fishing illegal. Although the Moken aren’t arrested for fishing they have never been granted an official right to fish the waters.

There are Moken villages in Koh Lipe that are open to the public. Moken women can sometimes be seen working in restaurants; and the men often take tourists out in their boats to popular snorkeling spots. It is interesting to note that tourism makes up an important part of the income for the Moken.

In the Gulf of Thailand the Moken are found on one island in the Ang Thong National Park. Here they are visited by tour groups and make a small income from selling souvenirs and cold drinks.

Just off the coast of Taling Ngam on Koh Samui. There are five small islands that are exclusively inhabited by Moken. Tour groups visit the islands and are allowed to watch them shin up bamboo poles to reach birds’ nests. These nests are collected and sold to Chinese traders who in turn make good money selling them in Hong Kong as the main ingredient for birds’ nest soup.

The Five Islands Tour vacation and Ang Thong National Park are some of the best chances to see traditional Moken culture. They make fascinating day trips that help to make money for the Moken so they can keep their small community together.

How To Invest Wisely in Furniture For Your Home Office

Telework is a viable and welcome mode of employment for many people in this day and age of technological advancements. If you are allowed to work from home, there is a good chance that you are a high tech worker. The computer has allowed many telecommuters to avoid an aggravating commute to and from a company office. Being able to access all of the company files and applications from the comfort of a home office is a huge advancement. Other than missing out on some camaraderie with co-workers, a home worker can do the job in a comfortable and personal space known as the home office.

Stuck With High Cost Of Heating Oil for Old Home Oil Heating Systems

Many people are surprised to discover that almost 8 million people in the United States are still heating their homes with heating oil and old home oil heating systems. Not only is heating oil expensive, but it is considered an almost archaic form of heat that is bad for the environment and provides less efficiency than almost any source of heat available today. So why aren’t the people who are using heating oil switching over from this old fashioned type of heat to something more modern and less costly?

There is a variety of reasons. It is not that most people who are heating with home heating oil prefer to do so, for some it is a simple question of availability. In some areas in the Northeast heating oil may be the most readily available source of fuel. Not every little village and hamlet has the option of natural gas to heat their homes and many who live in rural communities may have few other options.

For other people it is simply a case of being stuck between a rock and hard place. The cost of changing their old home oil heating system may simply be more than the home owner can afford. When you are paying the high cost of that heating oil it is often difficult to save the money to bear the upfront cost of changing over to more affordable heat. Getting a home improvement loan may not be an option for many people and others simply don’t want to risk mortgaging their home to get a new heating system. While these people would like to have lower cost heating they simply see no way of being able to bear the initial cost of changing their heating systems over.

Many people don’t realize that there are many families today that are simply struggling to hang on to what they do have and these families simply can’t afford any additional cost even if that cost will save them thousands of dollars in the long run. All the future savings and tax incentives in the world isn’t going to give these people the money they need to change heating systems if they simply don’t have the money do so. To compound matters as long as they have to pay the high price for heating oil they simply aren’t going to be able to save the money to afford new heating systems.

What is really needed is a way to help these people install a new heating system with heating oil NI with little or no initial payment and then let them use part of the money they save to pay off the new system over time. However, until such a program is offered many of those who are heating with home heating oil will continue to do so simply because they have no choice.

How To Update GPS Maps in Honda Civic or Honda Accord Navigation Device

honda accord car

Two of the most popular models of car in 2011 were the Honda Accord and Honda Civic.  There are affordable and reliable motors, and if you purchased one you might have had the added bonus of the manufacturer and dealer including an in-dash navigation GPS device as a factory-installed added extra.  If that happened to you then there is every chance that you will need to at upgrade the mapping database on the in-built GPS at some point.

Question is, how do you get Honda GPS map updates and then how to update GPS maps in your Honda Civic or Honda Accord car’s GPS Navigation device?  It’s actually surprisingly easy, however is a little bit on the expensive side.  Here’s how you do it:

Firstly you will need to visit the Honda Online Store and choose the upgrade you want.  This is straight forward enough as there’s a drop down selection process that lets you choose the model and year of your car.  So for example you might tell the system that you have a Honda Accord from 2009.

honda accord carOnce your model is selected the online tool will present to you the Honda map updates that are available for your car.  The most recent update to the Honda DVD is the 2012 version which was released in September of this year.

You will then need to buy it online and wait until the new Honda Navigation DVD arrives in the post.  Unfortunately there is no download version available which would make the process quicker – as the Garmin and TomTom brands currently do.

When the Honda Navigation DVD does arrive you will need to turn your engine on and load it into the GPS DVD tray.  Then simply follow the on-screen prompts (which usually entails no more than two key presses).  Once complete the display will notify you and you will be ready to go.

The advantages to buying the latest Honda GPS map updates mean you can gain access to updated business addresses, POIs, junctions, streets, and every else you could image – it even includes tourist attractions and ATM locations.

As mentioned earlier, the price point on this DVD update can be a little high, but it’s the only place you can purchase it from and so there are no other alternatives currently on the market.  If you are determined to update your Honda’s sat nav mapping data then you will have to purchase this official DVD direct from the manufacturer – as there are no third party companies currently offering any viable alternative solutions.

4 Main Advantages Of Gasoline Generators As Backup Power Source

Investing in a generator is always a smart choice.  There are a number of different reasons why you could potentially be without power, and if you find yourself in a situation like this it is best to be prepared.  Losing power to your home can be a scary situation, and having a backup power source for generating electricity can ensure you that you are covered if that happens.  There are many choices you have when you are looking to purchase a generator.  Below I will tell you about some of the advantages of gasoline generators.

Gasoline powered generators are the most common choice of consumers world wide, and they have several advantages over some of the other choices you have, like propane and diesel.  Here are a few of the main advantages of gasoline powered generators.

1. Fuel Availability – Finding regular gasoline to power your generator is as easy as it gets.  Every gas station sells regular gasoline, so you will no issues finding the gas you will need to power your generator.

2. Noise – A gas generator is going to be quieter than that of diesel.  Many people who own diesel complain about the noise level of the diesel generator.

3 Reliability – Gas powered generators are considered to be very reliable and dependable.  There are standard maintenance requirements that you will need to keep up with to ensure your generator keeps on working properly for you.

4 Transportation – Transporting a gasoline generator is relatively easy to do.  The weight on gas powered generators are much less than that of their counterpart diesel generators.

These are some of the main advantages of gasoline generators. There are other gasoline generator advantages, but we will not cover all of them within this article.

The debate goes on regarding which type of generators are the best.  Many people consider diesel to be the best while others stand by gasoline.  The main thing is to do your home work and find out which generator suits your needs best.  Find a quality generator, maintain it properly and you should have years of great service from whatever generator you choose to go with.

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