My Stain Web Site On Concrete Acid Stains & Acid Stain Concrete Floors

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I saw a promising domain name about Concrete Acid Stains & Acid Stain Concrete Floors named in GoDaddy Auctions about two months ago. It was a already closed domain with put out on sale for just 10 US dollars. I checked out the domain and it already had a good website with a few articles about floor staining using acid products.

I thought I will buy it and setup a website about staining concrete floors using acid that creates very attractive and beautiful floors without the need for spending on floor tiles, terrazzo or carpeting the floor. I hoped to setup the web site with valuable information and tips regarding concrete acid staining.

So I purchased the domain for US $10 together with some of other products at Godaddy. Then when I logged into my account a day or two later the my bidding list showed that I had won the acid concrete stain domain and it was awaiting the domain sellers transfer validation or some such thing. This was my first time shopping at Godaddy and I hoped this will be a simple thing and they will transfer the domain to me soon automatically.

So I waited patiently for about a week and then emailed the GoDaddy support team. They instructed me to
contact the domain’s seller to resolve my problem and if not solved within 15 days of the sale file a dispute with you providing you with the above details and this account of the dispute.

As they instructed I contacted and sent a message to the seller through the ‘Email Seller’ link in my GoDaddy Auctions account to work out the transfer of the domain name. But he didn’t respond to
me. So I informed Godaddy Support.

In few days time I got a reply from them saying that the issue was resovled and I can managed the domain now. Alas it was not so. I’m still not in control of the domain I paid for and bought.

You can still find the domain with articles on Concrete Acid Stains and Acid Stain Concrete Floors containing advertisements from the seller at

I can only hope I will get control of this domain so I can setup my stain web site and inform people about staining concrete and cement floors with acid as it is a very good alternative and cheap way to decorate floors though it is not possible if you plan on having for example electric underfloor heating.

Aksam Sri Lanka

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