Multifunctional Furniture: Multifunctional Futon Chair Beds

If you are moving into your first apartment or house, more than likely you will need to acquire some furniture. Sometimes your budget will only allow you to purchase a small quantity, so you will need to think about multifunctional furniture. Not only will a single or double futon provide a bed, but additionally, it can double as your chair and sofa.

A futon consists of two parts. The frame typically is made from either tubular metal or of wood. Metal is the most common, particularly with college students. It is rugged and durable, even if the student moves around frequently. Wooden futon frames are a bit more decorative, and are perfect for a child’s bedroom or even a guest room. The second part of either a single futon or a double futon is the mattress. Covered with a heavy material, the mattress can be covered with sheets for sleeping, and removed when used as a chair or sofa.

A single futon refers to the size of a twin bed. When extended open, a twin-size sheet set will fit perfectly. This is particularly convenient if the space is small. The single size can be folded like a chair. The double futon actually is twice the size of a twin bed, and full-size sheets are used. The mattress consists of fiberfill, or on the high end, there are the latex mattresses. Also, the cover can be removed to be washed, or it can be replaced without replacing the whole mattress.

Since there are so many multifunctional futon chair beds styles and colors, searching online will give you an opportunity to decide from which to choose. Also, many large discount department stores carry the basic single futon and double futon. Your futon will be a piece of furniture that is not only a good investment, but one that has many functions.

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