Learn Your Body Type

Determining your body type is very important if you want to achieve your ideal body. Your structural physique greatly affects how you react and adapt to a fitness routine.

There are actually three body types and each is categorized according to the physical structure. To give you a short description of these different body types, a person having a slim and lean body with minimal muscles is classified under ectomorph; while an athletic type is known to be a mesomorph, and finally, a rounded figure leaning on the bulky and stocky side is classified as an endomorph.

The main differences among these three body types are metabolism, bone structure and their propensity to build muscles. An ectomorph has a small bone structure as characterized by their long and skinny arms and legs. They also have a fast metabolism which makes it easier for them to lose weight. However, they have a hard time building muscle mass due to their high tendency to burn calories. The recommended fitness program for this type of body type includes less cardio workout and more strength training workout.

As for the mesomorphs, the bone structure is medium as evidenced by the broad shoulders in men and hour glass figure for women. This body type is the most ideal body type. Athletes and some of the body builders are mesomorhps. They also have a fast metabolism which makes it easy for them to lose weight fast same with the ectomorphs. However, their propensity to building muscles is greater as compared to ectomorphs.

For the endomorphs, bone structure is big and is often times leaning on the heavy side. The metabolism is slow which makes it difficult for them to lose that excess weight. However, they also have a higher tendency to gain muscles similar with the mesomorpsh.

Once you have already identified your body type, it would now be easier for you to choose the right fitness program that would best suit your physical attributes.

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