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Largest Flat Screen TV In The World: 201-Inch Porsche LED Television

Here is a look at the largest flat screen TV in the world. The biggest flat screen TV in the world today is the below 201-inch LED flat screen television called the C SEED 201. This TV’s display screen is over 16 feet wide and it stands over 15 feet tall with its TV stand making it also the world’s largest TV. It is so big it simply won’t fit into even the biggest of living rooms.largest flat screen tv

It is 49-inches or 4 feet larger than the previous biggest TV in the world. This Porsche designed 201-inch TV was unveiled to the public in January 2013. It is designed by the German Porsche car manufacturer’s Porsche Design Studio and built by a Austrian technology firm called C SEED Entertainment Systems.

Previously the world’s largest TV was the 152-inch Panasonic Plasma flat screen television. The 152-inch TV was launched only in 2010 by Japan’s Panasonic Corporation. Here is a photo of that 152-inch Panasonic flat screen. You can get a idea of how big these TVs are compared to the girls standing next to them. It is now the largest plasma TV!panasonic flat screenThe 201-inch wide TV screen is made up of more than 780,000 LEDs. The LED’s can display 4.4 trillion colors. The C SEED 201 TV uses current LED TV technology to the max and has a maximum of 5000 nits’ brightness making it fully daylight compatible. C SEED says this TV is not only the world’s largest television but by using more than 780,000 LEDs it’s ten times brighter than a usual TV display. Thus it enables you to watch the TV in any daylight environment, including direct sunshine.led flat screen tv

If the size and sophistication of this TV doesn’t dazzle you, its price-tag will! According to UK Daily Mail newspaper the price of it is £414,000 UK Pounds. That’s around $650,000 US dollars! You can buy four Porsche 911 sports cars for the price of the largest flat screen television on the planet. According to SWNS News Service, the C SEED company which handcrafts these televisions in Austria, is hoping to sell around 25 sets a year.

Though, this is the world’s largest TV you don’t need much space to store it, except when you want to watch it. When the C SEED 201 TV is switched off it can be folded up, using seven folding panels, and hidden away in an underground storage casing. But at a simple push of a button on the remote control the TV’s seven folding panels rise from the ground and unveil the 201-inch wide largest TV screen.201 inch flat screen tvThe above and below pictures show various stages of how the folded TV emerging from its underground casing at the push of a remote control button. The TV’s folded column takes 15 seconds to achieve its full height of 4.65 m (15 feet with effortless ease. The 7 massive LED panels unfold equally soundlessly within the next 25 seconds.worlds largest tv

The TV screen can rotate up to 270 degrees and can also be raised or lowered to the optimal height for optimum viewing comfort. The other notable features in this ultra-large TV include use of biometric fingerprint sensors to prevent unauthorized use, 15 integrated speakers enabling High fidelity 3-way outdoor audio system, and a wireless 2.4 GHz remote control.

The 201-inch world’s biggest TV has already received recognition for its innovative and sophisticated design and make by being the “Best of the Best 2012” winner at the International Red Dot Product Design Award from over 5,500 entries.porsche flat screen tv

What do you think about this 201-inch LED flatscreen TV? Do you think its worth the price? Can you think of any situation where it will be needed?

(C SEED TV News and Image source: C SEED 201 Official Website and Panasonic TV image: Akihabara News)

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