It’s Easy To Locate A Cell Phone Position From A Computer (Privacy Concerns)

Although the cell phone locator services that are used to locate a cell phone position have been really warmly welcomed by the public, people just started noticing a few things that using this technology could imply. Could this be a threat to our everyday privacy? Just like in any other arguments, two sides have different opinions. Parents say that it is more than useful to keep your childrensafe by always knowing where they go and what they do and also that that is their right as parents. It is not surprising that children disagreed, the lack of trust parents show by this being offending for them, not to mention that they don’t really enjoy being spied on.

If only this would stop here. There is a general suspicion that some people in the government would find the cell phone tracker services very useful for keeping track of every citizen in the country so again, spying and privacy invasion are solid arguments. Some would say that this would be possible, but only if these applications would not have any privacy settings, which they do. But what those people miss to see is the multitude of people who really know how to handle all sorts of devices and hacking into them would be a piece of cake. So there is no safety net.

You are probably not very delighted by the possibility of these services to record all of your movements on the map. They could make an extra profit from this and sell everything they got on you to companies that are interested in them. Your whereabouts could soon become hot spots for billboards and other advertisements.

Everybody should decide for themselves whether this technology suits them or not, because the ethics problem always divides people into two camps, so the privacy problem isn’t enough to make everyone get to a common point.

Comment about it if you need to tell us your opinion on locate a cell phone position and tracking it, using a computer.

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