InStep Bike Trailer Review – Excellent Features at a Low Price

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The engineers who design the InStep Bike Trailer line are all about quality, and InStep is all about selling that quality at an affordable and reasonable price. While there are many, many toddler bike trailer brands and designs to choose from, there aren’t any that provide the quality and safety features that InStep bike trailers have at such a low price point.

Of course, the InStep line of bike trailers are meant to be brought on more of recreational rides rather than an athletic ones. If daily, 20-mile-bike-rides are your thing, then perhaps you should look into a much higher priced bike trailer. With that said, if leisurely daily rides or errand running or even a ride for a day at the beach are more appropriate for your lifestyle, then look no further than the InStep bike trailer.

With features such as 5-point safety harnesses, double canopies that offer mesh lining to allow a cool breeze in as well as vinyl weatherproofing to prevent rain from getting in and easy to detach wheels for quick fold up and storage, InStep has thought of everything. Speaking of wheels, they’re made to give you and your little ones a smooth, easy ride. As a matter of fact, the ride can be so smooth that when riding on a flat surface, you just might find yourself looking back to make sure the trailer is still attached!

Some InStep bike trailer models also feature an included stroller conversion kit. This kit allows the trailer to become a stroller in under a minute! For those models that don’t include the kit, it can be purchased separately. Another accessory that can be purchased separately is an additional coupler (one is included with the trailer.) This coupler easily attaches to most bikes so that both mom and dad can have their bicycles ready to tow at all times.

The InStep bike trailer holds up to 100 pounds. The double seat models like the Instep trailblazer double bicycle trailer come equipped with a third, middle 5-point safety harness for when only one child is coming along for the ride. There’s extra storage behind the seats for items such as backpacks, books, lunches, groceries or anything else you may want to tote along with you.

InStep has thought of everything and has incorporated it all into a great product at a great price.

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