Fix For WordPress Stats Plugin Not Working In New WordPress Theme

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This post tell you how to fix the problem or issue with wordpress stats plugin not working or showing visitor statistics. Wordpres stats plugin stopped working in this blog – Aksam Sri Lanka too and I only noticed it today. At first I didn’t know what the issue was but then recalled that I had the same issue a while back with the stats plugin for wordpress not working in the Colombo Web Solutions website too. I just checked what I did to solve this stat plugin error. It turned out to be a simple fix really.

How To Fix This WordPress Stat Plugin Not Working Error/Issue?

You need to ensure you have the code snippet <?php wp_footer(); ? > IN YOUR THEME footer.php file.

To add this bit of code:

1) go to your blogs/websites WordPress Dashboard —>
2) Select Appearance Tab —>
3) Then click on Editor Tab and Open it. (defaultly you it will open your websites theme’s stylesheet (style.css) file.)
4) Select And open the – Footer (footer.php) file.
You will probably find that footer.php doesn’t have the code in it.
5) Add<?php wp_footer(); ?>just before the </body  >tag you find in the footer php file.

This should solve your non functioning wordpress stats addon issue. Check your websites several hours later when you think visitors have come to your blog and you should find the wordpress stats doing it’s job.

Note: The code snippet is is a funtion inbuilt into wordpress content management system by the developers themeselves that handles several terminate instructions for the wordpress stats plugin and some other plugins. Once you add this code to the respective files, most of the non functioning plugins like stats will function again.

The wordpress stats addon is probably not working because of a missing piece of code snippet in some wordpress themes. In this blog’s case it was because I change the Wordpres theme at Aksam Sri lanka to a knew one wordperss theme couple of days ago. The wordpress stats plugin stopped showing visitor stats or recent data since then. So it had to do with something with the new theme. Some these like my new theme here have forgotten to have the small piece of coding in a code file of the theme.

I found this fix for wordpress stats plugin not working in a wordpress forum or blog I think sometime back, but don’t recalled where I found this fix but whoever it is just thanks for sharing it. Sorry I can’t remember your site to link to you. Anyway, now I’ve reviewed and share this knowledge with you. Drop a comment and let me know if this helps you please. I feel happy to hear I was able to help someone along the way with wordpress. thanks.

This is the latest articles in a series of articles I wrote about wordpress cms issues and fixes recently. I’ve been developing many websites recently using the WordPress blogging platform as the web template or content management system for those websites. I’m writing this hoping it will help someone who faces the same issue or problem like me solve it. Some of these solutions to wordpress I’ve presented here are ones I was able to solved myself while many others are solutions to wordpress issues I found and used after some online research and testing. Among the similar problems I had with wordpress and plugins I’ve written so far are as follows;

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