How To Fix WordPress Plugin Issue “You do not have sufficient permissions to access this page”

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Looking at my visitor statistics I noticed that some visitors have come to my previous post hoping to find a way to fix the wordpress software error message  “You do not have sufficient permissions to access this page” issue they get with some wordpress plugins.

Here’s how I managed to fix this issue in my wordpress run websites. It’s quite simple.

I removed the plugin that gave the error and also deactivated all the other wordpress plugins. Then I re-installed the latest wordpress software by going to my wordpress dashboard –> updates tab –> and pressing re-install automatically button. After the successful wordpress reinstallation I installed the wordpress plugin that gave me the permission error message. Now I was able to open that plugin’s settings page without any problem. So that’s it. problem solved. (Important Note: ALWAYS, ALWAYS take a backup of your wordpress website and database before you upgrade OR reinstall wordpress.)

So if you get this same error in your wordpress blog or website try doing what I did. Hopefully it will solve your problem. Like they say in arabic your “problem khalas” (problem solved/closed :-).

So is that all is that all there is to this permission issue?

No wait….

Do you want to know how to avoid this same problem in future? Then read on…

As I understand the reason for this permission issue with certain plugins clash between old and new wordpress versions and the troublesome plugin version compatibility.

For example in my case it was because I installed this new plugin in a older version of wordpress (2.8.3/2.8.4) and then upgraded that wordpress version to the latest wordpress 3.0 version. While this is ok with most plugins with some this causes a combatibility error.  Hence you have to deactivate all plugins before you do a wordpress version upgrade.Otherwise you are likely to get this error with some wordpress plugins.

In my case I had used’s service to upgrade the wordpress version automatically through my webhost’s (i.e. control panel or cPanel. But I overlooked the instructions and hadn’t deactivated the wordpress plugins I had installedin the wordpress blog.

When you are doing simpleScript updates they specifically instructs us to:

Deactivate any special plugins or modules.
Some plugins and modules can interfere with the upgrade script, causing the operation to fail.

So like I wrote in the post that I got the problem with a particular wordpress plugin (i.e. EmbedArticle plugin). I get the above mentions error message when I tried to open this plugin’s settings -> embed article options page in the wordpress dashboard for the simple reason that I hadn’t deactivated it because I upgraded wordpress. I got the same error even with contact form 7 plugin in one site.

In this instance I had installed that embedArticle plugin in some of my wordpress run websites that ran on a 2.8.4 or 2.8.3 wordpress software or in one case 2.7 version which I installed more than a year ago! (man, I really need to look carefully into wordpress updates. They are provided for a reason, usually security, performance etc. and can crash your site or make it venerable to hacker acttacks it you don’t upgrade). So that’s my story. I hope you found this useful!

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