How Much Do Solar Panels Cost And How To Buy Them

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You may wish to invest in a solar heating system for your home or office. Most of us understand the many advantages of such a decision. Not only would you be able to bring down your energy bills drastically, but would also reduce your carbon footprint. Thus, you can help keep the environment greener and safer.

One of the most important questions that need to be answered before one is ready to invest in solar power is how much do solar panels cost. While in the past the price of such panels were quite exorbitant, in the last few years they have become much cheaper. This is mainly due to the many brands and manufacturers that have entered this market, making prices quite competitive.

When considering the cost of solar panels one would also have to keep in mind the price of installation. Another factor that would affect solar power cost would be the number of panels you intend to buy or whether you are interested in a complete kit. The panel produces electricity from the sun’s heat and energy but would require an inverter to convert it into usable electrical energy for the home.

Your choice of vendor would also affect the cost of solar panels. There are many brands and manufacturers that offer these products, and this includes Sharp, REC, Duracell, Lumos, Solar World, Kaneka, Gloria Solar, BP, Evergreen and Samsung. Online retailers usually offer discounts that would help bring down the cost of your shopping.

It is best to do a market survey of the products, costs and features, before you make a choice. An online survey is a great way to compare the prices as offered by various vendors. It is important that one carefully consider one’s query about how much do solar panels cost with the cost of installation. Sometimes it may be cheaper to buy a kit and have a professional install it for you.

While these photo-voltaic solar panels cost for initial installment may seem high, experts believe that one’s investment would be repaid, in the saving in conventional energy consumption, in about two to five years. The government offers several incentives to bring down solar power cost. This includes the Federal Energy Policy Act of 2005 that offered a tax credit in the investment on a solar system. It is also recommended that one check on local and state tax credits too. Coupled with the advantages of solar energy it is very profitable to install solar panels for homes.

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