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garage storage ideas
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Overhead garage storage idea

Many people have different garage storage ideas about what is going to work best in their space to allow them to store more household items than they are currently able to do as well as providing them with a nice clean and organized space. If you live in a house without a basement or not much attic space, the garage is really the only other alternative to serve as a source for storage unless you want to throw additional dollars at a shed or for paying a monthly fee for a storage facility.

So here are some garage storage ideas and pictures using which you can get ideas about how to improve and store things in your garage to get more space as well as some ideas and leads to garage storage solutions that are available in the market.

Overhead Garage Storage Ideas

If you are looking to find additional storage room in the garage, there are several ways that you can go about doing it. the first way is by installing overhead garage storage units by the ceiling. These units can help to double or even triple the amount of storage space that you have to work with and help to clear out some of that clutter down on the ground level.

garage storage systems

Garage rack with drawers next to a mounted bike rack and cabinet

Some overhead units will come with accessories that will allow you to hang items from the outside of the units such as bikes, ladders, fishing poles or skis. This serves as storage on the inside and outside of the unit then.

Another way to get more storage space is by making sure you are using the right storage units. The more flexible the unit is, the more you will be able to store inside. For cabinets, that can mean going with adjustable shelves inside the unit compared with solid shelving.

Garage Wire Rack Shelf

For garage shelves, it may mean going with wire rack shelving so you can place items on top of the shelves but can then also hang items from underneath to give you more room for storage.

Clear Garage of Unwanted Stuff

A third way to get more storage space is to throw away, sell or donate some of the items that you are currently storing. Just because you clean out the garage does not mean all of the same items have to go back inside. use that time to re-examine what you have and if the items really need to be kept or not.

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