Down The Memory Lane With Old Ford Trucks

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old ford trucksWhen I was a kid my Dad used to work as a Radar Engineer for Sri Lanka Airport & Aviation Services Ltd. At that time they started a new Radar stations in Sri Lanka’s tallest mountain ‘Pidurutalagala’ in central hills of the country near Nuweraliya Town. A special 6km concrete road was built for this new Radar project and my Dad was appointed as the first Chief Engineer to manage this newly 200km radius Sri Lanka’s largest radar station.

My Dad was given a bungalow in Nuweraliya town and also a Datsun pickup and a Land Rover jeep was given to him to travel and climb the tallest mountain of Sri Lanka every single working day. What a opportunity! I used to go and stay with my Dad during school holidays and use to love going with him in that Datsun pickup truck in the scenic upcountry tea estate roads of Sri Lanka. It was a powerful 4×4 lifted truck which made traveling in it even more exciting. On the other hand I didn’t like the Land Rover very much. It wasn’t fairing or pulling well in steep areas of the mountain roads. So the jeep didn’t endear to me like a pickup truck.

All this happened nearly 2 decades ago down the memory lane. I remembered this when a quick research about online search trends revealed that quite a few people search for information about Ford trucks and there is not much information about used Ford trucks online. So I thought to make a new site about Ford trucks. Today it’s success has led me to create several more websites about trucks like Mack Dump Trucks dot Net and Truck and Trailer News dot Com

This new Ford truck website was my first commercial marketing website. I remembered my traveling experiences with that pickup truck and thought I made a new website about pickup trucks dedicated to Old Ford Trucks after buying the domain named  It’s a website about pickup trucks but not Datsun pickups but Ford pickup trucks. So far I’ve written a few articles that will be helpful to people searching for details and information about brand new ford trucks and old ford pickup trucks.

For information for my articles about Ford trucks, I did some research using the Internet and was able to come up with some great informative articles about old Ford trucks. I think they’ll be very helpful to those people in need of information about used Ford trucks. I

Head over to Old Ford Trucks and take a look at what I have done so far. If you enjoy visiting that site and feel like your own readers will enjoy visiting it, take a moment to link to it! If you have some spare time and would like to write a post about the site, I would very much appreciate it!


  • I love the site but see that it’s only one page. Are there any more articles? If so where cna I find them on the site? Also I like the graphic up top with the arrow styling and the pictures on the inside. Good work!

  • Aksam Sri Lanka says:

    Thank you CA. I’ve putup only a few pages on the New Old Ford Trucks website unfortunately. Hope to update it with more information as I get time.

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