Developing My First Commercial Software System

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Last week was a great week for me. First, I realized a dream I had for a long time of buying a domain and setting up this blog and website. And then at office on Friday I was commissioned to a new software system. This is the first time I’m going to fully develop a commercial software system. WOW, the feeling is great!

The new system is a Queue management system. It’s quite a small one compared to the Shipping systems and other kinds of systems I do modifications and maintenance at work. But it’s a change for me and I’ll gain lot of experience developing it. I have to develop the system in C Sharp and the database in SQL Server 2000/2005. And I’ve got a deadline to finish the system by next Friday!!!

It’s a real challenge considering I’m new to C Sharp programming but inshallah I think I can manage it and I hope to deliver a great tip top system on time. 🙂

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