Compost Tumblers: Is The Rotating Compost Bin Better Than Normal Compost Bins?

rotating compost bins
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This image shows a photo of rotating compost bin or compost tumbler that was purchased by Medical Lap Manager for her use trough the Internet. 

Anyone who has tried making compost using a traditional garden compost bin knows it is not an easy task like shown on TV. That is where the innovative new rotating compost bins like you see in the pictures here which are called the compost tumblers come in handy. These special compost units known as compost tumblers can make producing compost fertilizer in urban and suburban areas very easy.

And in cities and suburbs where environment laws apply strictly the normal compost bins are not suitable. They can get you in trouble with the law. So their is no traditional method to make compost using compost piles in cities due to health and environment concerns. But with the use of an approved, environment friendly, compost tumblers city people can turn their piles of leaves, trash, flowers, vegetables, herbs or houseplants into compost or garden “black gold”.

However unlike as seen on TV, you can’t have “… dark, rich compost in just a few weeks!” let alone 14 days like some compost tumbler marketing ads claim. That’s the conclusion Mother Earth News magazine arrived at after conducting a field test of various compost tumblers versus open compost piles. So if you had a vision of a miracle fertilizer machine then compost tumbler is not for you. That is because rotating compost tumblers are nothing more than a covered or enclosed and maybe easier to manage compost pile or compost bin but not a machine that can give us a steady supply of unusually high quality compost every couple of weeks. The ads about them are sadly only advertising hyperbole at best.

These rotating compose tumblers for composting are much clean, neat, unobtrusive, pest-resistant and odor-free than the traditional methods of making compost and fertilizer out of waste, trash, and leaves. Due to this fact compost tumblers often can be used in urban and suburban areas, where much more strict local laws or restrictive rules apply on what you can do in your premises and gardens than in a rural country farm house garden.

According to the research carried out I mentioned earlier although the decomposition time is not increased with these compost tumblers, you do get the other advantages from these kind of rotating compost bins which I mentioned earlier here and also it is easier turn the compost. With rotating kind of compost bins you are also likely to turn the contents more often in this tumbler, thus introducing a vital ingredient of decomposing which is air. The other four vital ingredients for making compose are nitrogen, carbon and water.

So the easy to rotate Compost Tumblers can be said to be a fertilizer factory that comes in as a rotating garden Compost Bin! So use this innovative units to turn waste, recycle our trash, make environment friendly fertilizer compost and make our planet a better place for our children.

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