Car Seat Travel Lap Trays For Children

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Are your kids driving you insane because they spill food whenever they are in the car? It is hard enough for adults to eat in a moving vehicle without spilling anything, imagine how hard it must be for your little uncoordinated kids. Something that could help solve the problem is a lap tray. Buy a lap table for children and keep it in the car whenever you take long family outings. Your car’s upholstery will thank you for this one small purchase that helps your kids keep their food on their laps and not on the seat. Lap trays for traveling can be found online at Amazon, E-bay, and even Craigslist. Make it easy for the kids to be good by providing them with a stable and clean surface to eat their snacks and play on your trip.

KGM car lap table

A car lap table can provide a safe, convenient, and organized snacking surface for children and adults alike. The KGM car lap tray allows you to eat comfortably while in the car. A locking mechanism uses your legs to secure the table on your lap so you can use both your hands to eat. It has a 100mm drink holder to minimize spilled liquids. Raised edges make it virtually impossible for food to spill off the tray.

Children’s lap desk – Royal blue

lap tray tableThis desk as seen on Amazon is made from light weight plastic and has a 13 by 11 inch surface. With this tray, your children can color, read, and even do simple arts and crafts in a moving vehicle. The work area can accommodate a work book, portable media devices, and even a laptop. Don’t worry about having to keep them occupied while on the go. Just gather a few coloring books, give them some children’s lap desks and let them enjoy the ride.

Car seat travel tray

A travel tray for your young child is the perfect way to keep your baby happy on long car trips. This soft surfaced tray provides the perfect place for your child to play with toys, read books, and eat dry snacks. The car seat travel lap tray is a great way to keep your young children happy in your vehicle.

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