Buying & Selling Website, Domain & Blog In Sri Lanka

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buying selling srilankaHave you got a old website, blog or domain name in Sri Lanka you want to sell?

Then you have come to the right place. This is one of the only places doing buying & selling Website, Domain & Blog In Sri Lanka online.  We are interested in buying and selling websites, domains and blogs in Sri Lanka.

To sell or buy a domain, website or blog contact Aksam Zarook at anytime by dropping a message through the contact us form on this website or sending an email with the details about what you got to buy or sell the email address which is aksam(at)  (replace (at) with @ sign).  Promise to get back to you as soon as I can.

Anyway, bit of background on this matter. I was prompted to write this article here when I viewed my visitor statistics for today. I saw that one visitor had come to Aksam Sri Lanka (from Google Search Engine probably) when he searched for the keyword term “sell my blog in Sri Lanka”. This term caught my attention. I have been looking into getting into the domain parking and websites and blogs buying and selling business for sometime now and I have so far bought several good website domain names that I thought I can make use of. So if you want to sell a website, blog or domain name in Sri Lanka feel free to contact Aksam Sri Lanka.

Look forward for doing business with you.

Aksam Zarook

Colombo, Sri Lanka

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