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Add Many Images Into WordPress Post Faster With WordPress Image Insert Plugin

If you are using the latest version of WordPress blogging software like I use here on Aksam Sri Lanka, you will agree with me that however great wordpress software and features are the current default method in wordpress to insert images is very tedious and time consuming. WordPress is much better and simpler than other content management systems like Blogger or Joomla, but I think wordpress developers can make the image upload feature a whole lot simpler than the current uploading images and photos process.

Currently you have to click in the post window and wait till the flash uploader or if that is not working the browser uploader to load and then upload an image, fill in the necessary fields like description, caption etc and then insert the image into the wordpress post.

wordpress image options panel

Wordpress image options panel

Alternately currently, you can also upload multiple photos and images into your wordpress media gallery using your wordpress image flash uploader. But even then you though you can upload multiple images into wordpress you can only insert one of the uploaded images into your wordpress post at one time. So if you have several post like my post about Apex DVD player which has contained 12 photo images, you have to click the image upload image 12 times and select the image and tell it to “insert image into post” twelve times. you can image the trouble and time it took me. Just image if I had a post with 25 pictures to make! What a lot of time it will take

wordpress image upload

wordpress Add an Image flash upload screenshot

faster wordpress image plugin

Notice the insert selected images option in this wordpress post flash uploader after the Faster image upload plugin?

So few days ago when I was writing a post and puzzling my mind about this tedious but necessary task of uploading images to wordpress,  I did a Google search and found a solution to this wordpress image or photo upload problem. There I found this plugin called wordpress faster image upload plugin. This plugin alters your wordpress software’s image upload/insert process setting and allows you to not only upload several images at once and tag and add description but it also lets you insert all the uploaded images into your wordpress post at once. Alternately you can also upload several images at once and then you can select certain image/photos you uploaded and insert them only into your wordpress post. That’s to say lets say you uploaded 5 images into your wordpress media directory in your web server using the wordpress flash image/photo uploader. Then this faster image uploader allows you to select image no 1, 3,4 from your uploaded images and photos and insert them only. That’s cool no?

Thank you guys behind WordPress faster image plugin for making one of the best and most useful wordpress plugins ever.

P.S. I nearly forgot to tell you, this plugin also allows you to select many images and mass edit the image alt and title and caption properties.


  • rahul says:

    Cool one buddy, I use it in one of my wordpress blog, Its awesome plugin. I love it.. Thanks for great work.

  • when I press “insert selected into post it just restarts the selector, it doesn’t actually insert them in? help?

  • thomas says:

    yes, this is what i’m looking for. i hate the boring process of insert image one by one.
    i will try the Faster Image Insert plugin, thank you dude!

  • Jason says:

    This plug-in is going to save us so many hours this year by being able to to a mass insert of images in one click! Thank you so much for your work on this.

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