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Thank you for taking the time to learn more about If you are looking for information about blogging, Internet, computing, web marketing you will find some very useful bits of information in this website.

My name is Aksam Zarook and I opened this blog to write and share my experiences, ideas and knowledge I acquired in these fields with you. I have been using the Internet for the last decade or so. First as a net surfer and email user then a blogger, heavy forum commenter and serious IT degree student. Then I ventured into the realms of Internet Marketing and making money online and now I have built several several blogs and websites and manage them. With that knowledge and the experience I gain and the new things I learn by daily in the Internet, I opened this blog/website to publish them and preserve them with the hope it will be helpful later on to you and me.

So I hope you find my articles, thoughts and links helpful. And if you need information regarding blogging, computing, internet marketing, web site development and software programming please feel free to pop me a comment in the relevant article or email me at aksamzarook[at] I will be happy to help you in as if I can.

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Aksam Zarook

By the way, note that this websites is orĀ  aksam with an S before the .com. That is because I tried to buy or but unfortunately someone else has already registered them and the whoever purchased the domain is quoting 400 US$ for it!

When I checked the reason turns out there is a populer newspaper in Turkey called Aksam so that domain name would have likely been off market for decades. Anyway seems even the Turkish Aksam newspaper wasn’t able to get the dot com because you can see Aksam newspaper’s official website Whoever purchsed that domain name is a lucky guy. He is sure to be able to sell it for at least several thousand dollars in a domain auction!