3D Ravensburger Puzzle Ball With Earth Globe World Maps Review

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I’m a big fan of jigsaw puzzles made by Ravensburger. I own several of there puzzles of varying sizes and enjoy making them from time to time. In recent years this world famous German jigsaw puzzle company has introduced different sizes of 3D round ball puzzles made of curved, sturdy plastic pieces. They come with many pictures on them but I find the best ones to be those with our planet earth globe world map printed on it. They are not only enjoyable to make but also provide geographical knowledge while you make them.

ravensburger puzzle ballIf you haven’t seen the ball puzzles I’m talking about without further ado look at photos and video on this page of the 3D Ravensburger ball puzzles with the world map on them.

The first picture here shows Ravensburger’s globe Earth 3d puzzle ball of 540 pieces.

Ravensburger has introduce these ball puzzles with number of puzzle pieces ranging from 60 pieces to 940 pieces to make for different levels of challenge and to suit different age groups of children and adults. All of them are in the shape of a 360 degree 3 dimensional jigsaw puzzle balls once they are completed.

However I should think the puzzles with more number of pieces like the 540 and 960 piece ball puzzles you see here will be a difficult challenge for even adults let alone kids. (Even though an experienced puzzle maker myself, I still struggle when I make 3D puzzles like with the 1024 piece 3D puzzle of the Taj Mahal I have with me) I have not tried these puzzle balls myself but I’m sure they are as good as the other puzzles of Ravensburger which I have enjoyed making a lot. So I can safely say if you or your kids like to make jigsaw puzzles, you will love the challenge offered by these Ravensburger 3D jigsaw puzzle balls. I should think they will also make very entertaining and educational gifts for anyone above the age of ten years. It’s also noteworthy that once you complete it, they have provide a stand to hold the completed puzzle ball.

There prices also are reasonable. You can get a look and understanding about how this 3D puzzle looks and feels by watching this video ad about the puzzles from Toys R Us.


I think the 960 piece puzzle ball is probably the best in spherical ball shaped 3D puzzles. With the higher number of pieces the challenge itself should be very great.
There are many other puzzle makers who have made similar puzzles but as far as I know Ravensburger puzzles are better quality and the pieces are very clear not to mention in the case of these puzzle balls the pieces are made out of perfectly crafted, curved puzzle-pieces. They can be easily assembled together to form a solid, smooth ball with no glue required. That is so much better than puzzles from other puzzle makers. I have heard cases about some other ball puzzle products in the market today which are unsuitable for sale and have required glue to stick them together. Any puzzle enthusiast will agree that is totally unacceptable because the real entertainment of a puzzle is in making it and remaking it. Not making it only one time and displaying it framed on the wall. But thankfully Ravensburger puzzle balls are said to fit nicely and stay that way till you disassemble them.

If you take the value of this puzzle they are certainly better than normal 2D picture puzzles. These world map ball puzzles are very educational because they impart knowledge about geography, countries and places while you or your children try to piece together the puzzle.

globe ball puzzle

The only reserve I have about this 3D puzzles are that they are normally very difficult to piece together. Although they say it is suitable for children of 10 and above, those who have made 3D puzzles know what a challenge they are even for adults. This puzzle being a globe and round will make it very difficult and you will need a expert hand to put in the final pieces. That means kids and teenagers will need parent assistance in assembling them. That is a good thing because rarely do we see these days things where kids and adults can do together and have fun at the same time. These puzzle fall under that rare category.

If you buy them for your children must expect to spend time helping them which will be difficult for busy parents. But then again time spent with your children is time well spent.

During the last few months of 2010 I reviewed these same puzzle balls in another website and dozens of people bought them. Like in this website, people were able to comment about the products below the article and I didn’t hear any complains against the puzzles so far, so I assume these puzzles are satisfying and recommendable.

If you want to buy this 3D Ravensburger Globe Earth jigsaw puzzle balls here are links to Amazon where you can order them now.

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