2012 Ford F150 Platinum Truck: Comfort & Luxury At A High Price

The Ford F150 pickup truck series has been the most sold motor vehicle in the United States of America for some years now. So to meet the demands and expectations of the public Ford has comeup with several impressive models for 2012 too. Among them is the luxury Ford F150 Platinum truck for those who are looking for a luxury version of the regular Ford F150 trucks. As you can see in the picture below¬† by Cornelius, on Flickr this Platinum F150 for 2012 is a very impressive and beautiful truck. I believe it gives something to think about for people in a world which is used to admiring and expecting luxury, comfort and beauty only in cars. So in today’s review I thought go through about this beauty among trucks with a review here on Consumer Product Reviews website.

2012 ford trucks

To get an idea about the this 2021 Ford F150 platinum edition lets go through an overview of some key details about it. Like some other F150 trucks this is also powered by a high 365 horse power EcoBoost V6 model engine. The torque is 420 pounds per foot of which 90% is when the engine is at 1,700 revs per minute! In all it has the ability to carry a pay load of over 3000 pounds. Specifications state that you should be able to hit naught to sixty in around six and a half seconds. With the luxury trim and loads of additional stuff we will be discussing later, it makes a very impressive truck for anyone who buys it. The catch is the price. This trucks starting price is around $45,000 US$ and can get as high as even 55,000 US$.

However like I said it is a luxury truck aimed at customers who want luxury trimmings and a beautiful look instead of a regular F150 truck. That’s why the price is so high. However never fear, its not the most expensive Ford truck for sale this year. (That record belongs to the Ford Harley Davidson truck.) Though not the most expensive the Platinum F150 Ford truck comes fully loaded with many mod-cons you would expect and is designed to have a luxury feel. The back-seats can easily accommodate people who are well over six foot tall, with lot of space for seating comfortably. Also is the luxury of the impressive interior which is outfitted with an earthy brown leather finish, which has been crafted to an extremely high standard.

The Platinum Ford 2012 truck also got the benefit of a 6 1/2 foot bed at the back for carrying payloads, is four wheel drive and has 3.73 limited-slip rear axle. This new 2012 Ford Platinum’s also come with a navigation system that should be updated yearly with new software that keeps the maps current.

Performance wise this truck is said to work about 17 miles per gallon while driving in the busy and traffic clogged inner city areas. Like mentioned earlier its acceleration is very good by pickup truck standards. But despite the price of this edition the engine leaves something to be desired because it has got the smallest displacement engine that’s available in the Ford F150 range. However according to expert you wouldn’t even feel the lack of power because this truck’s got very little lag during acceleration.

In conclusion what I’ve got to say about this beautiful but expensive truck is it’s got fast acceleration, can carry heavy loads and has got good towing abilities in addition to comfortably seating 5 big adults in a luxury interior. However the high price and also the high cost of maintenance and repairs will prevent many of the Ford truck lovers from the pleasure of ever driving this Platinum 2012 edition.

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